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Haha, bloody hell!

It's weird, I seem to re-visit sites, close to the last time I ever uploaded anything, hehe.

I've not really been up to a lot. I've sold one horse to my best friend, but she is still living here at the farm. We also sold our miniature, Willow. He's much happier where he is now, so I don't mind!

We've been through quite a bit, involving the fire brigade twice in the space of a couple of weeks, and something I'd not like to happen, ever again.

We've also had another foal, we've named Catalina. I think she will be our last, as our mare is severely anemic at the moment, and we don't think it's fair on her to carry on with foals, and just retire her.

The whole accidents with the Fire Brigade were for Luca and Bella.

Luca was missing from his field, we're not sure how long, but it must've been around a couple of hours since I'd last saw him. And we still had Willow, but he wasn't running around or anything, to indicate that something was wrong.

Well, I went to search for Luca, and I started to panic when I'd gotten up to the small stream, running through the back of the field. I'd seen that the fence was down and he'd probably tried to get down to the mares field. So I went to walk away, to let my mum know (I hadn't had my phone on me either) and I heard a groan. Well, I looked down in front of me, and there he was, down in the stream, ON HIS BACK! He had all four legs in the air, just stuck, and his head was slightly submerged in water.

I started screaming for help, and luckily my aunt was on her way to check on me, and heard me and ran to get help and I shouted for her to call the fire brigade. I couldn't see because tears were streaming down my face, but I started to move away branches from Luca's belly and moved the broken fence away from him. I jumped in and held his head until my dad and mum got there. My dad immediately told me to get out of the water, and he climbed down into there instead, and told me to run and get shovels and to phone my brothers to come home from work to help. My mum had phoned the Fire Brigade, and it took them around an hour to get to us, and then it was another 3 hours before they started to get him out! I ended up making my dad phone our friend, John, whom is a farmer, and told him to come through the mares field with his mini JCB, to help dig the sides of the stream, so that it was easier for us to pull Luca out, and Luca was bloody brilliant with everything, we covered his head with a jacket, my dad stayed in the water, despite the firemen ordering him to get out (My dad got really angry because they were slow with everything, and I know they are only doing their job, but we'd no idea how long he'd been there previous to when I found him, and his body could start to shut down) So with the digging and the boys shoveling, around 10 fire fighters and my brothers wrapped rope around Luca, and they managed to pull him out (We had a vet with us on standby, and he'd checked Luca once he was out, and he was confident that Luca would be fine) He practically neighed and pranced, got up straight away.

Underneath him, was a tree. So we came to the conclusion that he'd attempted to scratch, and the tree gave way, and he'd tumbled into the stream.

We got him back to the stable, and made him comfortable, and I went to get Tigre in from the other field, because he was neighing.
Well, as I did, I noticed bloody spurting out from his fetlock, and a pool of it on the concrete by the gate. He'd only gone and nicked an artery! So we called the vet back (He'd only just left, but basically couldn't get a hold of him, so when he got back to the practice, he drove back here) In the mean time, we kept the bleeding under control. The vet came and had a look, explained what he'd done and bandaged it up. And it didn't stop bleeding for over an hour! It was just seeping through :/ But it did stop in the end, and we had the keep bandaging it.

A couple of days after that, as we were about to go out, a man came down on his bike, asking if we owned the horses in the top field. And he'd told us that the fire brigade was cutting my horse out of the fence. So I frantically started running down the canal with a head collar and my mum drove. I met up with the firemen, and basically Bella (The foal at the time) had jumped the fence, but got tangled in it) All I can think of is that she was trying to eat some grass over the fence, and Gypsy or Raine (2 of my other horses) had gone for her, and made her panic and jump forward, to get away from them. As Bella's mum was in the field, and going mental. Gypsy and Raine are the bosses and don't get on well with everyone else.

So it was quite eventful. My animals get into no end of trouble :/
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